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2. Gimme Some Mo'...  
Some More Truth...                                                                  (Copyright 2000)

Some amazing things have happened to me since I embarked on this Maxwell journey in 1996.  I can't list them all or even put most into words that others might understand.  But what I can share with others, I most definitely will.

You all remember the article in Essence magazine, November 97?  It was re-printed on my homepage for about a month.  I was so excited to read that article; it was like being in Atlanta (UHS tour in 97) with Maxwell all over again.  When a friend who also subscribes to the periodical told me there was an issue with Maxwell 'in' it, I rushed to the post office to pick up the copy that I knew was waiting for me.  Well, my friend failed to tell me that Maxwell's gorgeous face was seductively gracing the cover.  So, when I pulled all my mail out of the box looking for my magazine, I dropped all the other mail on the floor when I saw it!  I let out this loud gasp and looked longingly at the cover before I realized that people must be wondering what interlude I had just flashed back on.  ;-)  I hurriedly gathered my mail and rushed home so that I could read the article.  That was a very nice experience.

After reading the article and reminiscing on the events of the past summer, I decided I just had to write to the editor in response to the issue.  I faxed a letter exclaiming how I was so thankful to them for putting 'my man' on the cover of their magazine and how I was at the concert that the article spoke of.  I would never have guessed that Essence would publish my letter in the January 98 issue in the editor's page.  Below you will find the words that were printed in the mag.  That is how I came to learn of the different websites dedicated to Maxwell.  Other Maxwell fans responded to my email address and complimented me on the article as well as informing me of sites where I could find more Maxwell info and other fans like myself.  Read on...

Maxwell In The House...  (January 98 Essence)

Thank you for putting my man on the cover of your November issue.  I have searched and searched for information on Maxwell, who, I agree, is the Marvin Gaye of the nineties.  He seems to possess an understanding of women and love that makes it hard to believe he's only 24 years old.  I'm just glad to know this brother exists.  He is heaven-sent!

Monica M. - Columbus, Ohio  (Copyright 1997)