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3. IamyouYouaremeWeareMaxwell

From here I would like to take you on a journey of personal accounts with Maxwell.  I realize that 'personal' can mean a lot of things.  What I wish to do with this page is to have true accounts of experience at Maxwell concerts, in-store appearances and even accounts of those who have been so fortunate as to meet the Man.  I know we all have seen the episode of MTV's Fanatic where one fortunate viewer got the chance to have Maxwell all to herself for about half an hour - (Boy!! What I could do with a half hour!!)  But I digress.  That is what I would like to see here.  

Keeping this in the realm of true fact, please submit nonfiction only.  Submit stories to:  SLM  All submissions will only be edited for spelling, grammar, etc.  The content will not be changed.  Personally, I refer to Maxwell as nothing less than 'Maxwell'.  So, any abbreviated versions of his name will be changed to Maxwell.

Let's get started with a couple of true stories already submitted.  The first is from ZenZaire, Know These Things:  Shouldn't You?  And, the second is from yours truly, MAXI - My Summer With Maxwell.  Read on!!