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Here's some News you can use:
(December 15, 2003)
Maxwell's new CD is entitled "Black Summer's Night"
It is due to be released soon
and Anthony Mangella(sp) is
directing the video.
All of this per Flo Anthony
Gossipist to the stars heard on
96.3 WHUR this morning.
(VerbalBlissfulness of Nite's Auraqual Family at Yahoo Groups)
Subject: "Will Minghella Film Talented Mr. Maxwell?"
Here is an update on the CD...get to snooping and calling y'all
"Will Minghella Film Talented Mr. Maxwell?"
Maxwell, the great post-classic R&B star of the '90s, is about to
make his own comeback. I ran into him on Tuesday night at the
premiere of "Cold Mountain" where he was a guest of Nicole Kidman. (I
bet you're wondering how Nicole got to be friendly with all these
musicians. The answer is that her assistant, a terrific woman named
Elly, used to work for Madonna and knows them all.)
Maxwell's new album on Columbia Records will be called "Black
Summer's Night." He's putting the finishing touches on it and
starting to think about a video. Who will direct? "I want Anthony
Minghella," he said. Why not aim high? So Maxwell went right up to
Minghella and asked him to do it. "And he said 'Yes.' How do you like
The album and the video with whoever directing it is scheduled
for March.
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March 16, 2002 - Nothing really new on the Maxwell front.  Our Man was nominated for the SoulTrain Awards Best R&B Male - single - This Woman's Work.  I hate to say it - again - but someone else won in that catagory.  I don't know who and really don't care since it wasn't Maxwell.  At least he was nominated so somebody in that deciding body has some taste...  Forgive me, I am truly prejudiced.  

I haven't heard any further word on a possible tour early this year.  We can only wait and see.  But word is out that Maxwell is in the studio working on a new album.  At this point, the concept is unknown.

Well...  We've waited on Maxwell before and so far he hasn't disappointed.  So...  See Ya Then !!!

October 13, 2002 - Unofficial word has it that our Man, Maxwell may be touring again early 2003.  It is rumored that he will hit such cities as Birmingham, Greensboro, Charleston, Columbia, Montreal and Albany.  Let's hope this unofficial word becomes official real soon.

Also, be on the lookout for the new release by Vivian Green.  She's the artist who toured with Maxwell this summer.  Her debut album, A Love Story is due to be released this November.

June 11, 2002 - Okay!  Now we're doing sumthin'!!  If you don't know, now you know...  Maxwell is doing a brief summer tour consisting of nine shows (so far.)  Check at for dates and venues.   YES!!!

April 13, 2002 - Well, I know everyone knows that Maxwell did not win the Grammy.  (That's old news!!)  And still some may not know that the cancellations and postponements of appearances has continued from the Now Tour.  

Maxwell was scheduled to appear back in March on BET's 106&Park but was a last minute cancellation.  Cedric the Entertainer showed instead.  His people did, however, send tokens of appreciation to the appreciators who showed up to see him.  For some, that did not suffice.  So some of the same appreciators made it their business to plan to show up for Maxwell's 'talked about' appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly scheduled for early April.  But again, before any plans were finalized, word was received that Maxwell had postponed yet another appearance.  

Well...  Needless to say, the appreciators are all forgiving (even though some were truly peeved!) and will more than likely do it all again for the demi-god known as Maxwell!!

January 22, 2002 - Maxwell's Now has gone platinum and Lifetime has been nominated for a Grammy for Best R&B Performance.  Lifetime was also nominated for an NAACP Award for Outstanding Male Artist.  

Last I heard, after numerous postponements and cancellations of the Now Tour due to illness, Maxwell is well and at home in NYC.  Supposedly there is an overseas tour in the works.  Overseas fans, don't get your hopes up until Maxwell is actually on the stage in front of you.  Just ask Uko from Japan who came to the States just to see a show only to be disappointed in Albany, NY.  Fortunately, there is much love among Maxwell fans.  Folk got together and made sure Uko didn't go home empty-handed.  She was re-routed to a show in Camden, NJ.  And she actually got to see Maxwell before heading back to Japan.  Now that's some Maxwell love for your ass right there!!  So those of us who headed to Richmond, VA to catch what was to be the last show of the tour shouldn't feel so bad about the wasted travel, huh?

May 31, 2001 - Well, what can I say?!  Maxwell's album is due to drop (again!) somewhere between July 10 and July 24, 2001.  There is word out that the album may drop at a time that may coincide with the opening of a tour.  Man, I have been waiting so long, I will believe it when I see it.

Diehard fans all ready know that there have been daily downloads at of one track per day from the new promo cd, entitled Now.  From what I have heard thusfar, it has kicked up my level of anticipation quite a bit.  If you haven't all ready been there, go quickly.  Because the host has just about reached the last track to download.

March 31, 2001 - Well Y'all...  What can I say?  Is the new Maxwell cd, Now, ever going to be released?!  The last release date I have heard (again!) is April 3rd for the single Get To Know Ya and April 27th for the full-length album.  Will we wait or what?  Yep...

February 21, 2001 - A little sumthin' sumthin' for those who visit here and want to relate to others who share a love for Maxwell, his Soul and Muszic:  Visit Yahoo Clubs and join the many clubs dedicated to Maxwell.  To find the names of these clubs, click on Favorite Links above.

February 5, 2001 - Hello Max-Family!!  Just a bit of news I just received and some of you may all ready know.  Maxwell is said to be in the studio reworking his current single 'Get To Know Ya'.  He plans to release a different version of the song on the upcoming album, his third, entitled 'Now'.  I have been getting word from several sources that there are currently two versions airing at this time.  I, personally, have only heard the current radio edit of about 3 and 1/2 minutes long.  But a couple folks have said they heard a version with a segment of rap near the end of the song.  Hmmmm...  I don't have the current single yet, though I have heard that it is on sale now.  I am interested to see if there are other versions on that single cd than what I have heard.  If any of you know anything different, let me know.

November 17, 2000 - People, People, People!!  What are we going to do with Maxwell and the powers that be at Sony/Columbia!!??  By now, I am sure that most of you have heard that the release date has been pushed back - AGAIN!!!  This time to March, 2001.  I can't believe this!!  But guess what?  I'll be waiting with the rest of you.  I have a copy of Now on order with CDEurope, but I don't know if they now will have a hold up with the release date being pushed back.  We will see...

Also, the first single from Now will be coming out, supposedly, the first of 2001.  Maxwell has just finished the video for "Gotta Get To Know Ya."  It is supposed to have a funkyfresh treatment and was produced by the same producer that produced the video for "Let's Not Play The Game."

October 10, 2000 - Hello!  Just a little message that a few of you might find interesting.  I received an email today from MaxFan4U that informed me that Maxwell's Now CD, that won't be available in the US until December, 2000, will be released in Australia on November 15, 2000.  The whole thing sounds like a lot of real live BS to me; being released overseas before in the States, but of course there ain't a dang thang I can do about it!  Thank God for the internet!!!  

So for those of you that would like to purchase a copy of Now before it's December US release, click on the following link and get to it.

Compact Disc Europe

September 1, 2000 - Well folks, I just came from the Columbia Records site and they have announced in their Tuesdays' Specials that Maxwell's release date has been pushed back, once again, to December, 2000!!  I don't know if I can wait that long but I guess I have to, huh?!?  (No specific Tuesday noted.)  Dang!!!

August 28, 2000 - Nothing really new to report as we all know that Maxwell's new CD is due out soon.  The only thing that I can tell you here is that the release date has been pushed back to September.  No official word to the fans from Columbia Records, but a friend of mine did see the September release list at a local media store (MediaPlay) and it had Maxwell's name on it.  So... one fine Tuesday in September we will hear the muszic play...

Also... I have been working hard to build up my collection of Maxwell CDs.  I have to say it has been quite an adventure!  Hopefully within the next month I will have a worldwide collection to share with you.  Stay tuned.

July 19, 2000:  This is an informal release.  It's an idea that hit me a couple of days ago; this is the only format I could think of to present it -

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  From the desk of the Stephanie, Webmaster of The Maxwell Sanctuary.  

I have a request from fellow Maxwell webmasters.  Recently, I came up with an idea which may call for a letter writing campaign.  I have an account with  This website has a section called Guest DJs, which has radio stations of some of the top music artists of their particular genres.  I looked in the R&B section, and thought to myself, "Why doesn't Maxwell have a station?" Maxwell has clearly proven his diverse musical palate.  So... what better way to
share it with the rest of his fans than having his own station on Sonicnet?  I have a couple of e-mail addresses for Sonicnet; one is for general feedback; the second is to the webmaster of one of the urban stations that play Maxwell's
music.  These addresses, along with the fan mail webpage on Fanasylum's website, should be the contacts for this suggestion.  If you have a website, newsletter, etc, please place this on your news sections, announcement or update pages, AOL message boards, any other Maxwell websites, etc.  I really believe in this idea.  At the very least, it could put a bug in Maxwell's or his camp's ear.  The following are the e-mail addresses:  (just click)  


The Maxwell Sanctuary appreciates your support and participation in this
project.  With all of our help, we can make a difference.
Regards, Stephanie

The Maxwell Sanctuary
Boycott mediocrity!

July 5, 2000:  I just got in from New Orleans where the Essence Music Festival was held July 1, 2, 3.  This is just a quick note to let those of you who didn't know, know that Maxwell canceled his July 3rd performance due to illness.  Talk about disappointed!!  My friend and I sold our tickets and headed back to the casino!!  For those of you who attended the festival, I hope you had a good time even though our man didn't show.  I know I did, even if it was at the casino!!
Peace - Maxi

MAXWELL TELLS OF LOVE WOES:  Soulful fool didn't obey the rules of love.

*Women all over this country, and even the world, would go bananas if soul singer Maxwell were to ask them out on a date. But when we ran into him at BET's 20th Anniversary special, brother man was singing the blues over love lost. Here's how he responded to De De McGuire from the Doug Banks radio show. "I got my heart broke about 3 months ago. (Y'all) women are just hard on us brothers. Doing this as a career, and as a love makes it stressful on a relationship. When a woman walks into a room she wants to be seen as number one. But when people are flashing cameras all in your face, it's hard for a woman to feel special. It gets hard."

OK, EUR gallop poll -- how many women out there would gladly take that woman's place? On second thought, never mind. Y'all would overload us with this one.