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8.  I Love You, Too...
The September 25, 1999 Chicago Maxwell Concert

Well, my quest didn't end with the August 23rd Maxwell concert.  When I woke
up on the morning of August 24th, I heard a female DJ saying, "Y'all did it!
Y'all showed Maxwell so much love last night that he's added another show for
Septmeber 25th.  Tickets go on sale this Friday morning at 10 am."  I was sick
as a dog after last night's concert but when I heard that announcement on the
radio at 6:30 am, I felt like a new woman!  :o)

The August 23rd concert was on a Monday night so, I knew then I had to get my plan in order for Friday morning if I wanted to get a good seat like I had for last
night's concert.  I called my brother who lives in Napervile, Il (which is
where I bought my first Maxwell concert ticket) and told him that he must
pick me and my son up Thursday night after he got off work.  I told him what my
plan was and he said, "Alisa, why can't you buy your ticket in the city?" I
told him, "No way!  I don't want to take any chances and end up with bad
seats."  He understood and Thursday night he came to pick me and my son up.  
We went home with him to Napervile, Il.

Check this out:  It's 8am Friday morning and I'm hyped and ready to go to
Dominick's again to get my Maxwell concert ticket!  I had agreed to babysit my
5 month old nephew for my brother and his girlfriend that day since I was at
their home.  I started getting the baby's things together because I had
decided that I would take my morning walk.  But it didn't end up that way.  I
took the baby stroller outside to let it out so that I could put the baby
inside, when my son comes running out and shuts the door behind him.  I left
the house keys on the dining room table which meant my son and I were locked
out of the house and the baby was left inside asleep!  I panicked big time!  I
ran across the street to the leasing office to get help but no one answered
the door.  So now, I have to think really fast because the baby was in the
house by himself.  I wasn't even thinking Maxwell at that moment.  All I could
think about was how my brother was going to kill me if I didn't get back into
the house and get his baby.  Then I saw one of their neigbhors; thank God for
nice neigbhors.  I asked her if she could call the management office and
report to them that we needed a locksmith fast.  She was nice enough to do
that for me with only 2 minutes on her cell phone.  I thanked her continously.
Come to find out, maintaince was on the premises and was getting ready to
leave.  I was so happy to see him I almost hugged him!  He let us back
into the house and I ran upstairs to get the baby and my photo ID to show the
maintaince guy.  Whew!  That was over.  I called my brother to tell him what happened.  All of this took place within 30 minutes but it seemed like hours because of the baby being in the house alone.

While talking to my brother I told him that I was on my way to Dominick's to
get my Maxwell concert ticket when he told me that I'd never make it there in
time if I walked.  I said "No problem!  I'll catch a cab."  And that's just what I
did.  I called the cab and it was at my brother's house in less than 5 minutes! Great!  We all get into the cab.  By the way, I had my niece also (3 yrs old at the
time) and she was locked out of the house too!

We get to Dominick's and it's 9am on the dot!  I asked the lady when the
tickets for the Maxwell concert went on sale and she told me 10am.  That meant I had a whole hour to wait, but, that was cool because I was already there!  We
walked around and did a little shopping for the kids.  By 9:45am, people
started getting in line at the TicketMaster so I thought, "Let me get myself  
over there."  9:55am:  The same lady who sold me the first Maxwell concert
ticket asked that same question she asked before, "How many tickets do you want and how much do you want to pay?"  I said the usual, "I want 1 ticket and I
want the best seat in the house!"  I did better than the last time.  Even though I
was very close to Maxwell, I was even closer this time around!  Row A seat
30!!!!!  I was right in Maxwell's face!  I started dancing around the store
with the kids and singing, "I'm gonna to see my Maxwell!!!!"  You know, the rest
of that day was total heaven for me.  4 days after seeing my Maxwell in
concert for the first time, I got a great seat for his next concert a month later!

A week before the concert, I talked to my God-Sister who also loves Maxwell.
I told her about my ticket and then she told me that she was trying to get
tickets for the concert but she didn't want to sit alone.  During that week I
bought my beautiful long black dress and my 5 inch heels (I'm only 5'3... :o)! )
I knew I was going to look beautiful for this concert on Saturday night!!!

The day before the concert, I hadn't heard from my God-Sister so I figured
she wasn't able to get tickets for the show.  I was talking to my father about
Maxwell when he said, "Alisa, Marlon has a pair of Maxwell tickets he
wants to sell because his wife can't go and he doesn't want to go alone."  I
said, "Whats his number?!!!"  I paged Marlon and he answered me right away!  I told him my situation and he said he'd sell me the tickets for $80.  I said,
"SOLD!!!"  The seats were in the first balcony in the first rows so my God-sister would've been able to see Maxwell pretty good because of how the Arie Crown Theatre is designed.  My God-Sister's birthday is September 24th and the concert was September 25th.  I thought that would make the perfect birthday gift!  So I called her... all night!  She doesn't live in Chicago; she lives 2 hours away.  I wanted to tell her about the tickets so she wouldn't make any other
plans.  The surprise was on me, she called me at 3:30 Saturday morning and
told me that she bought her tickets for the concert over a week ago!  She got
tickets for her and her cousins.  I was stuck with 2 Maxwell concert tickets.
When my God-Sister arrived at my house that afternoon, we spent most of the
day shopping and trying to get rid of those tickets!  I was willing to give
them to somebody because I didnt need them.  But nobody took those 2 extra
tickets off my hands so I lost $80.  I was too excited to get mad because I
was going to see my Maxwell tonight!  By the way, the friends that I couldn't find the day of the concert called me the next day talkin' 'bout, they would've bought those tickets from me!  :o)

This time the concert started at 8:30pm and we made it on time.  (Actually, a
little early, because my God-Sister had to pick up her tickets at will call.)  I
had another gift for Maxwell:  It was an ANKH necklace with a wooden Egyptian
jewelry box for him to keep it in.  I put both gifts in a pretty gift bag with
a nice card inside.  I was ready for Maxwell that night!!

The concert starts (I'm skipping to Maxwell now),  and I'm so hyped!!!  My
God-Sister and her cousins had cool seats even though we sat apart from each
other.  Maxwell started singing "EverWanting":  I love that song!!!  Then he
says to the audience, "I have one more week on tour so I'm gonna break some
rules tonight!"  Then he starts singing "I'm You:You Are Me And We Are You".
Then he says, "Ladies, you can come up to the stage if you want to!"  It was
like a heard of cattle rushing up to the stage with me in the bunch! :o)
Seriously, I almost didn't feel myself running to the stage!  He finished that song and his security started telling us to go back to our seats.  I heard one of security guys yell "NO" to some of the girls but not me (I would've yelled back!). His security guy was real nice to me and said, "Sweetheart, I need you to go back to your seat now ok?"  I said, "Sure thing, hon!" and went back to my seat. Now the people that were sitting around me saw my gift bag and there was a woman at the stage giving Maxwell flowers.  Once again I'm nervous about going up to Maxwell and giving him his gift.  He looked so beautiful, it made me nervous!  But the people sitting by me kept telling me to go up there and give Maxwell his gift.  I said, "Oh no!  I can't do that now."  One guy said, "Baby, go on up there and give him his gift.  He'll appreciate it and he'll like your dress."  I said, "Alright, I'm going."  I got up to the stage with huge butterfies in my
stomach.  I was right in front of his microphone and praying that his security didn't make me sit back down again.  Maxwell walks to his microphone
and there I am just as nervous as I can be.  Maxwell looks at me and
smiles.  And I said, "Hello Maxwell" while smiling back at him.  I said, "I have
sumthin for you".  He's coming toward me and I'm shaking at this point.  He
takes the bag and says, "Oh, thank you, Love."  He takes my left hand and
kisses it!  I did not expect that to happen.  Then I said, "You're too sweet!   
Thank you."  As I was turning away to go back to my seat, he kneels down to
give me a hug and a kiss on my right cheek!  I  died and went to heaven
right then!  He said to me, "You look beautiful tonight."  I said, "Thank you and
so do you."  (All this time we're hugging each other!)  Then I said, "I
love you" and he said in my ear in his very shy voice, "I love you, too."  Then
he grabbed my hand and smiled at me as I turned away to walk back to my seat.  Even though I was only a couple of steps away from the stage I was wearing 5 inch heels that night so while I was walking back to my seat, I was praying that I didn't fall on my face because I know it's hard for us (women) to
walk around a man that we like especially if there watching us!  That
experience made the rest of 1999 for me!!!  Also, I was at the stage while he
was singing "Luxury: CoCoCure".  He pointed at me and sang a couple lines to me.  I pointed at him and smiled and he smiled back!  I had a great time with
Maxwell on Septemeber 25th at the Arie Crown Theatre!  Since those concerts, I vowed to make it my mission to see Maxwell whenever, wherever, or however I
could when he's on tour.  I'm praying that he comes back to Chicago during his
charity club tour this summer!!!  That Maxwell is a class act...truly! :o)

Take care!
Be Blessed Always!
Alisa! :o) - June 19, 2000